Taking care of yourself involves learning about your needs and how best to address the unique requirements of your body, mind, and spirit. In order to sufficiently address these needs, it is important that you are open to learning about your spiritual needs. Most spiritual needs operate in the realm of following one’s heart – dancing when you hear music that moves you, crying when you feel sad, taking a walk when you need to clear your head, telling loved ones in your life that you love them and giving them a hug, +. The ego is quick to override the spirit’s desires out of fear or concern of how one might be perceived. The ego’s goal is to keep the individual safe from social judgment that is perceived to be unfavorable to one’s well-being. The only trouble is, the ego is highly influenced by the culture in which it lives and many cultures do not support individuals in being themselves nor expressing their individual spiritual needs.

In order to calm the ego and foster your ability to address your spiritual needs, it is helpful to begin and maintain a practice of listening to your heart. This is typically supported by having a quiet place to spend some time and letting the thoughts that fly through your mind to keep moving without grabbing hold of them. This practice alone can help you with developing your ability to observe your thoughts more objectively which is extremely helpful in practicing the art of conscious thinking. When you are consciously thinking, you are choosing the thoughts that you most want to focus on and give energy to – which helps you in creating the experiences you most want to have.

When your body, mind, and spirit are in balance, you are more able to experience well-being – and well-being is foundational to discovering and actualizing the person you most want to be in this life. When you discover the gifts that you have and that bring you joy in using them, you are on your way to best serving other people. Sharing your gifts with the world in a way that lights you up is your ‘true north’ and this goal provides the best path for you to follow. Your heart knows the way and We encourage you to trust in its navigational powers.

To your aligned vitality,