What is Your Gut Biome?

The human gut microbiome is responsible for a vast array of aspects of our well-being – from digestion and physical well-being, to mental health, fertility and our ability to sleep, to how we are impacted by COVID and debilitating diseases. 

Based on the Ayurvedic framework of how to determine one’s constitution, I’ve created a system that enables individuals to learn more about their unique ‘Inner Garden‘ – so that anyone can feel directly connected and empowered to heal and steward their own wellness from the roots – the soil of their gut microbiome.

I’m Megan

I have a scientific background and use my intuitive gifts to provide individuals with specific and personalized guidance on the best foods, supplements, and self care practices that address the unique needs of their gut microbiome.

When you learn about your gut microbiome’s needs, you begin to tap the foundation (the roots!) of your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being – as the gut microbiome plays a vital role in running all of your body’s major functions.

If you are interested in beginning or enhancing your self care practices by learning more about your unique gut biome’s needs, you are in the right spot!

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“I must admit, the idea that a simple non-invasive assessment of my body’s nutritional needs could have a profound impact on my health seemed almost too good to be true. However, working with Megan to identify foods that work with my gut biome has made me excited about the process.  What truly surprised me was the fact that the recommended nutritional program was tailored specifically to me. This provides a carefully curated plan based on my individual biome type. Megan took the time to explain why certain dietary changes were suggested, and the logic behind it has started to make sense. Throughout the process, emails and conversations with Megan have been clarifying and overwhelmingly positive. I’m grateful for the improvements in my health, and the ways I think about my relationship to my body and my body’s relationship to the world around me.”

Laura K, IL

“The 30-day microbiome support plan provided me a deeper reflection and understanding of my inner body. Through the gentle approach of Megan’s food guide suggestions, I was guided to make better choices in my diet and found new, fresh inspiration for cooking and meal planning for myself and my family. The 30-day support plan pointed me back on track to my optimal health and reconnected me to my true self. My noticeable results were positive energy shifts and clearing of lingering brain fog. I feel my capacity to take care of important things in my life has grown.”

Brianna L, AK

“Megan offers a unique insight into our whole body wellness. The whole process has had a profound impact on me. I feel so good in my body and the symptoms I had before have gone. I am energised and have been told look glowing. That’s exactly how I feel on the inside. There’s also been a big spiritual shift that honestly is life-changing for me. Thank you so much, Megan, for your beautiful offering and the impact it has had on me.”

Carol M, UK