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Backyard Beauty’s vision is to Cultivate Joy Through Flowers, Art, & Self-Care and we aim to support this vision by offering services and products that build on Nature’s gifts.

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Installment 4: Heart Listening

Acknowledging the beauty of any object raises your own vibration and enables you to feel a heightened sense of appreciation. When you are feeling emotionally overtaken by an experience or thought, you can distract yourself by finding a beautiful object, idea, or experience on which to focus your attention instead. This distraction will help you … Continue reading Installment 4: Heart Listening

Installment 1: The Key Is Within

Today marks a unique divergence from previous Backyard Beauty blog posts in that the following content is being channeled by Megan to support individuals who would like to discover their inherent gifts. The following words are intended to encourage and reinforce the truth regarding every person and their ability to access their intuition, for it … Continue reading Installment 1: The Key Is Within

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