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Backyard Beauty’s vision is to Cultivate Joy Through Flowers, Art, & Self-Care and we aim to support this vision by offering services and products that build on Nature’s gifts.

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Installment 12: Allow Your Self to Flourish

Taking care of yourself involves learning about your needs and how best to address the unique requirements of your body, mind, and spirit. In order to sufficiently address these needs, it is important that you are open to learning about your spiritual needs. Most spiritual needs operate in the realm of following one’s heart – … Continue reading Installment 12: Allow Your Self to Flourish

Installment 11: Go With the Phloem*

When an individual is open to learning about themselves, they open the door to receive support from the plant world. Plants and animals have co-evolved over thousands of years, creating many pathways for symbiotic exchanges and establishing uniquely beneficial opportunities for thriving. It is this symbiotic relationship that enables both to continue adapting to an … Continue reading Installment 11: Go With the Phloem*

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