We work intuitively with our clients to design beautiful arrangements that bring energy, style and life to any environment or occasion.

Our flowers have the ability to transform spaces.

Backyard Beauty offers a variety of products and services that ultimately aim to support one’s thriving and self-empowerment. Owner Megan Murphy brings both her scientific background and intuitive practices into her farming experiments and wellness product creations. Plants have a unique ability to bring vitality to our lives. When we pay closer attention to and imbibe in their gifts, we have the chance to experience balance on all levels of our being.

Backyard Beauty celebrates the natural beauty that surrounds us all, particularly that which is in our own backyards. It also celebrates that the most important backyard for each of us is the internal landscape of our own person – and that when we intentionally acknowledge the beauty that is within us, we will discover our inherent gifts that we are meant to share with the world.