Gifts from the Inferno

“It is by going down into the abyss that we recover the treasures of life.
Where you stumble, there lies your treasure.” – Joseph Campbell

Greetings, Folks –

About five years ago, what began as a desire to be a more compassionate and calm mother led me to challenging myself to meditate for 5 minutes a day for 30 days. Within a week of accomplishing this, I began to experience physical sensations in my head and soon thereafter began audibly hearing thoughts that I knew were not my own. I had been listening to Abraham-Hicks recordings for some time before this and Esther Hicks described a similar experience when she began meditating, so I wasn’t completely freaked out.

What soon became freaky, however, was the information that was being shared with me – primarily, the many ways in which my family could be harmed, how my life would be ending soon, and other deep-seated fears. I tried reaching out to some friends that I could talk to about this and circumstances didn’t enable us to connect at the time. I quickly entered what I perceive as my personal hell – not feeling like I had authority over my own headspace and experiencing extreme fear for myself and family members’ well-being.

This terrifying experience totaled about a month and half in calendar days and culminated in two emergency room visits and a very long weekend at a mental health facility… both of which require their own story as it reinforced how broken our systems are in understanding and caring for ‘that which transcends the physical’ of the human experience. 

During my second hospital visit, I was able to connect on the phone with one of the friends I had previously reached out to – and she reminded me about the importance of being grounded and centered when meditating… that there are rules to follow to ensure you are receiving insights that are in your highest good. When you are in a state of fear (or any state for this matter), you attract other thoughts that reinforce the way you are feeling. So when you are in a state of being grounded and centered, you attract thoughts and ideas that reinforce being grounded and centered. Thus, I was empowered to practice being grounded and centered and – successfully remained so – while fully putting it to the test in the 3-day stay at the mental health facility. 

Within a couple months of having this traumatic entry into discovering my clairaudience, I was able to take a class that introduced me to the realm of intuitive gifts, how to safely use them, and other topics that I had previously not been very receptive to (ie, guides and angels, dark energies, chakras, auric fields, +). With the support of this class, I began to see my clairaudience as a gift and to feel safe using it to bring forth information that actually supported me in thriving and being well.

In this class I also learned that everyone has intuitive gifts, but that most people are not supported in learning about nor developing their particular gifts. Previous to this experience, I could relate to having a ‘gut’ feeling or even ‘listening to my heart’… and the lovely occurrences of inspired ideas popping into my mind. These things equaled ‘intuition’ in my mind. Now I was learning that the human body has access to more than 5 senses…here’s a brief overview of some of the primary ways intuitive gifts can be experienced:

One of the first things I began to do with the insights I was receiving was to begin making improvements to my diet. I received inspiration to pick up books on the Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) frameworks for wellness, to plant specific herbs and flowers in my garden, and to choose specific foods for my diet. What I was learning about from my Ayurveda & TCM readings was corresponding to the food suggestions I was also receiving and I began to be experience improvements in my physical body that I previously had thought were just a part of ‘getting older’… like having stiff joints, knees that cracked when I went up steps, feeling tired after low levels of exertion, +. It wasn’t until I began running up steps again that I noticed a clear and discernible impact of my dietary changes improving my physical well-being. 

Having a scientific educational and professional background before this occurred has certainly made it challenging to receive this gift of clairaudience with open arms. That, and it is very challenging to describe my experience to others who have not previously had a relatable experience. Well… and that our culture dismisses, medicates, and all but demonizes these ways of experiencing our energetic Universe. So, you know… just a few obstacles.

Having a scientific background, however, is also helping me think through ways of communicating and demonstrating what I am learning – both to provide tangible and repeatable evidence for credibility in addition to highlighting and celebrating the gifts that Mother Earth provides us (every single day) for our thriving. A great deal of the information I am learning reinforces our need to reconnect with Mother Earth in a symbiotic partnership and not just treat her as a habitat or a source of resources for our consumption. I am also learning to embrace the phenomenal, co-evolved relationship between plants and animals to support one another’s thriving.

Ultimately, what began as an inferno has brought me to a place where I am celebrating my journey and excited to support others on theirs. I have more compassion for the many ways we each experience our realities and have learned that being curious – instead of judgmental – helps me stay in a place of compassion. There are many paths that water finds its way to the ocean – each of our own experiences can only be enhanced by learning from others’.

Over the past five years, I have been developing a holistic wellness framework while simultaneously personally experiencing the benefits from it. This framework bridges the Ayurveda holistic wellness framework with what modern medicine is just starting to demonstrate about the importance of the gut microbiome. The projects that I am presently working on all reinforce the revolutionary act of learning more about one’s unique needs, how to meet these needs with our daily diet, and how to enhance our self care so that we can thrive. You can read more about my area of focus here in the Gut Biome Overview. You can also support my work by taking the free gut biome quiz, signing up to work with me, or contributing to my crowdfunding campaign that runs through 9/30/23. I am creating resources that I wish I had had five years ago when I first stumbled into clairaudience…these are just some of the ways I get to share the treasures that are resulting from this journey.

May we all be curious about and compassionate to ourselves and others on our journeys! There is a great deal of treasure to be discovered.


P.S. While the title is not a complete match – the sentiment is… this post reinforced by the music of Alicia Keys