There is a time in the very near future when all humans will experience a raising of consciousness due to the realization that the medical field in which so many put their trust demonstrates that it cannot be trusted. Unfortunately, so many within the medical field were unaware of the dangers that they were inflicting upon others as they, too, trusted the medical establishment and the scientific process that was being communicated. However, this experience demonstrates how the power of a few – a few who have deliberately been orchestrating the largest media heist to date – have used fear to manipulate and control a global crime against humanity.

We do not share this lightly and want to articulate that the primary reason for us sharing this before it breaks through the cracks in the media wall is that we want to position you for the oncoming tumultuous events that will likely take months to resolve. Instead of getting caught up in the anger, we encourage you to lean in to your ability to redirect your feelings into radical self love. This is what we mean by radical self love:

When individuals take care of their feelings in a way that causes harm to none, there is more room for acts of kindness and love to be experienced and shared. And this is what the world particularly needs now and for the foreseeable future. 

Another reason we are sharing this with you now is that we want to support you in making choices that best support your physical body. Being mindful of the foods you eat at this time will significantly impact your immune function – and yes, while this is always true, it is of particular importance when your immune system is already compromised. When possible, minimize processed foods and maximize the consumption of organic grains, fruits, and vegetables. Reduce consumption of dairy, refined sugars, and alcohol. 

We did not bring this information forward at an earlier date as we are mindful of the partnership with Megan and how her helping us bring these messages forward might impact her. To know of this truth and simultaneously hold the predominant media messaging does not make one’s life easy and it is an entirely higher level of courage that is required to openly communicate about it. Thus, we share this just before the truth is widely known.

At this point in this post, we are going to focus on additional ways to support yourself at this time. While we know that words seem trite, it is important for you to know that Mother Earth has remedies for every human ailment. This is not to say that humans could live forever as death is completely natural and a required part of life. Moreso, it is to say that for every imbalance in the human body there are plant constituents that can support the body in rebalancing. 

In the very near future, there will be multiple offerings of plant remedies that will enable the body to fully recover from having received mRNA pharmaceuticals. These offerings will be an important first step in helping one’s body reestablish healthy immune function, however, there will also be a need to integrate additional plant remedies to support a full recovery of one’s vascular system. These plant remedies will be shared once the appropriate partnerships with holistic and naturopathic practitioners occur to help communicate credibility, safety, and effectiveness.

At this time, we reiterate that the very best thing an individual can do to support their body is to prioritize taking care of their feelings (see above) and maximize consumption of organic whole grains, fruits, and vegetables while also minimizing consumption of alcohol, refined sugars, dairy, and processed foods. This is a great time to practice radical self love and compassion for all.

To your aligned vitality, 


Photo Credit: Thich Nhat Hahn Collective Instagram Post