Installment 3: Follow Your Heart

There are a diverse array of opportunities for every individual to discover their higher purpose, many of which present themselves in the form of a fork in the road where one needs to make a decision, “Do I take the route more travelled, well-known, and seemingly more practical? Or do I take the route that is calling me, but has many more unknowns and is seemingly less practical?” These decisions provide an opportunity to listen to one’s heart or to listen to their mind. It takes a great deal of willpower and determination to follow one’s heart guidance as it is typically not the loudest voice in the room.

It is very possible that one’s heart guidance hasn’t yet made a clear impression and that the individual can’t be certain what their heart sounds like amidst all the other thoughts and feelings. Here is one simple test to bring your heart forward: 

Allow yourself to sit down, close your eyes, and take a deep breath. Put your hands in your lap, take another breath, and then ask yourself this – “Does this (option) help me fill my cup? Does this (option) bring me joy? And does this (option) enable me to serve others in a way that makes me feel good?”

Listen to your answers and distinguish what comes forth as a response acknowledging other peoples’ expectations and what comes forth that specifically addresses your needs. There are many times that following our heart incorporates fulfilling the needs of others, but it is important for one to be able to distinguish between decisions made to please others versus those made to please themselves. It is also important to know that every individual has different needs and therefore cannot rely on pleasing themselves by simply following the path that others have taken.

Following one’s heart tends to go against cultural norms as these typically reinforce staying in line and not rocking the boat. Thus, many are not willing to honor their inner knowing and heart desires because it can feel too uncomfortable. And yet, one’s life will begin feeling more aligned and more joyful with each heart-guided decision that is made.

To your aligned vitality,


Photo Credit: Banksy Street Art