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Earlier this week I released two self-love offerings into the world – a chapter, “Allowing Your True Self to Flourish” in the co-authored book, Empowered Self-Care, and my Ammi Ascension Flower Essences. Both are intended to support individuals who desire self-awareness and growth while the Ammi essences additionally help one uncover their intuitive gifts. And everyone has intuitive gifts.

Flower essences are energetic vibrations of specific flowers – much like a flower’s song – that can uplift and balance the body, mind, and spirit. They facilitate these processes by helping us identify and remove emotional obstacles that can get in the way of us following our hearts. While it is not necessary to use flower essences to bring about this clearing, they act as a catalyst in reminding our bodies how we feel when we are aligned with our true self. They remind us what it feels like when we do not resist our intuitive guidance, our inner self, and instead allow our heart to guide us.

Flower essences are typically created by placing a pristine flower, or its petals, in a glass bowl of water in the sun for a few hours. This process enables the frequency of the flower to be transmitted to the water, as water has the ability to resonate at whatever frequency to which it is exposed (see M. Emoto’s, The True Power of Water, 2005). After this process is complete, the flower is removed and the water is combined and preserved with alcohol. When an individual takes a drop of this concentrated flower essence, it helps to remind their body how it feels when unobstructed by negative emotions and can enliven their ability to let go of thoughts and feelings that bring them down. Similar to the power of music and its ability to uplift us, every flower has a unique vibration or song that can move us just by being in its presence.

The Ammi visnaga flower essence aims to help an individual in reaching for their higher self, their true purpose, and their intuitive gifts. This is the intention of their song: to uplift you into a place where you are inspired to tap your intuitive gifts. Flower essences work in a gentle, subtle manner and allow the human mind to arrive at its own conclusions. It is with a quiet mind that a flower’s essence is most effective in reinforcing balance.

While flower essences work without any deliberate action on the part of the receiver, using essences with intention and focusing in on the gifts they offer facilitates increased self-awareness, self-empowerment, and self-realization. Additionally, utilizing self-reflection questions alongside the Ammi essences can help dislodge and bring attention to memories, emotions, or beliefs that can obstruct your higher vibrations. These questions can also serve any individual regardless of their use of the essences, however, the essences provide lubrication to one’s ability to conjure up and release limiting emotions and beliefs. The goal of each question is to provoke the individual to observe their emotions, acknowledge any obstructions that come up, release these obstructions, and then allow oneself to fully experience the feelings of:

These 12 ways of being are a phenomenal bar for gauging our best-feeling self and provide a North Star for us to follow. When we genuinely experience these feelings, we know we are in alignment and on the path of our most desired life. To learn more about this process or download the self-reflection questions, check out the flower essences page. These questions can additionally be used as journal prompts or meditation exercises without use of the essences.

A Happy Valentine’s Day to you – may you find the tools to support your ongoing expansion and self-love.

Best, Megan

P.S. Ma Belle Ammi, I’m in Love with You! And this song’s pretty good, too…

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