Flower essences are energetic
vibrations of specific flowers – much like a flower’s song – that can uplift the body, mind, and spirit.

The Ammi Essence Ascension Process
The Ammi visnaga flower is in the carrot family, heralding beautiful umbrels that reach up towards the sky. This flower is specifically designed to support the ascension process in all living things – plants, animals, humans, and more. In humans, Ammi also enables one to have more patience with the growth process and relinquishing barriers that prevent one from living into their best self.

If you are interested in learning about the Ammi Essence Ascension Process and accessing the accompanying self-reflective questions, download for free below. To purchase the suite of Ammi Essences, visit Backyard Beauty’s online store.

Self-Care Tools

I am a co-author in the book, “Empowered Self-Care: Healing Body, Mind, and Soul for a Better World” and have contributed a chapter entitled,
“Allowing Your True Self to Flourish.” In this chapter I provide an overview of two tools that can help you live the life you most desire – one tool is inherent to every individual (your emotions) and one tool is described above (Ammi Ascension Essences). My chapter is amongst 24 others that highlight a wide spectrum of self-care tools – you can access this buffet of ideas in one book from my shop.

Using the Ammi flower essences and self-reflective questions helped me to clear out some old beliefs and make room for a higher vibrational me. I never knew that flower essences could be so supportive.”

— Maureen

Ammi flower essences are a positive and heartwarming experience for me. They gently help to create a peaceful space for personal growth that is much needed in my life.

— Blake