Installment 11: Go With the Phloem*

When an individual is open to learning about themselves, they open the door to receive support from the plant world. Plants and animals have co-evolved over thousands of years, creating many pathways for symbiotic exchanges and establishing uniquely beneficial opportunities for thriving. It is this symbiotic relationship that enables both to continue adapting to an expanding universe. Without plants, the human body would not be able to sustain its requirements for maintaining and healing itself as plants provide the most beneficial nutrition for the human body – not to mention also providing energetic support to our mind and spirit in many ways, most of which are not yet understood by the scientific community.

To begin learning about one’s specific nutritional and energetic needs to support one’s thriving, it is helpful to start with an introduction to either the Ayurvedic or Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) frameworks for wellness. Both of these wellness frameworks are based on the practice of achieving (rather, always working towards) balance – and both acknowledge that the human is composed of – and requires balance within – the body, mind, and spirit. 

Both of these frameworks give guidance around an individual’s specific constitution – in Ayurvedic practice, this requires determining one’s Dosha (vata, pitta, and kapha combinations) and in Traditional Chinese Medicine it requires determining one’s qi constitution (hot, cold, dry, and damp combinations). There are an array of online tools to help one determine their constitution and We suggest using the Ayurveda example from the Ayurvedic Institute

Once you have determined your constitution, you can then identify the best foods to support your body (in particular, the best foods to support the microbiome community within your gut) in addition to learning more about your energetic needs. Not only does this information foster compassion for yourself as your learn more about your specific needs, but it helps you learn how to better address your specific needs. As you begin to integrate practices that are informed by your specific constitutional needs, you will likely experience enhanced vitality which will further support your exploration and willingness to learn about and care for your specific needs.

There are an abundance of resources that give guidance on the best foods, self-care practices, and wellness techniques – and sifting through them can be a chore as they don’t necessarily corroborate nor address your needs. When you can embrace the fact that your needs are unique and you alone are the most capable of understanding them, you will take back your power that has likely been previously given to medical professionals, online google searches, what other people say or have experienced, and more – and instead become more discerning about how best to address your needs based on your unique constitution. We are not promoting the dismissal of input from others, particularly those versed in Ayurvedic or TCM knowledge – however, We are encouraging you to be more discerning of the information you receive from others and compare it to your own intuitive understanding of your body’s, mind’s, and spirit’s needs.

When you intentionally choose to acknowledge the uniqueness of your person and investigate the ways in which to best support your needs, you will find that there are an abundance of plants accessible to support your journey. It is not necessary to know everything about every plant, however, it will benefit you to learn as much as you can about your self and your constitutional needs. The benefit that vascular plants provide, in addition to fungi and marine plants such as seaweed and algae, can help address every single imbalance that the human body might experience while also helping to maintain balance within one’s mind and spirit. This might seem unlikely as the U.S. mindset surrounding health and wellness is pervaded by a medical perspective that technological advances and cutting edge pharmacological science enable us to access health benefits that were not previously available. This is fraught with a foundational misconception about the body’s inherent ability to heal, maintain, and repair itself. Plants offer support to the body’s existing systems and pharmaceuticals override the body’s natural systems, providing a perceived ‘fix’ to the observable issue.

The western allopathic framework for medical treatment of the body’s imbalances does not acknowledge the body as a holistic system nor does it acknowledge the role that emotional and mental well-being plays into one’s physical well-being. There are an abundance of allopathic healers that operate with a holistic perspective, however, most need to do so outside of the mainstream health care system. The pharmaceutical companies drive treatment options for the most pervasive health issues and heavily influence the governmental agencies that test and allow treatments to be used. This relationship needs to be revisited as it has moved away from a  health-promoting framework and instead embraces a disease-treatment framework. 

The post that was published in mid-February, Heart-Centered Thinking, highlights the transformative timeframe that the entire globe is about to enter that is primarily caused by the extreme abuse of this pharmaceutical and government relationship within many countries. We brought this topic to this blog series earlier this year to help Megan prepare herself for sharing information publicly that was not accepted by the mainstream media and collective as a whole. This enabled her to both experience the discomfort of speaking her truth even though it is not widely accepted AND the freedom it give’s one to stand up for their truth. The tangible evidence that will enable this truth to be accepted by the collective will be shown over a period of a few weeks yet will catalyze the largest opportunity for systematic change that the globe has experienced to date. 

In addition to having the ability to channel the guidance We share here, Megan also works closely with her angelic support team to craft plant remedies that help the body heal from some of the most pervasive pharmaceutical and environmental toxins to which most US residents are exposed. Her role in sharing the guidance from Us is enhanced by her knowing that she has solutions to some of these problems. We are able to describe the challenges that she needs to personally address within her self and her family because We can offer her best next steps to heal from these challenges. When you are open to hearing the solutions to problems that may exist, you will be able to become more aware of the problem. Mother Earth provides solutions for every problem she is experiencing, however, you must be open to hearing what she has to say. You and every individual on this planet are a part of Mother Earth – she is not just a habitat in which you live. 

The support that plants can provide the human body, mind, and spirit is multi-layered and can work in ways that have not yet been embraced by the scientific community – for it requires technology that can observe electromagnetic waves and how they interact with the body. When individuals are open to viewing the world as a place that is composed entirely of energy, then there are more possibilities with how material objects can interact. In Ed Yong’s book, An Immense World: How Animal Senses Reveal The Hidden Realms Around Us, he describes diverse ways in which animals can perceive the world via sound, vibrations, magnetic fields, and more which highlights the limitations of human perception and, thus, illuminates the immense spectrum of interactions that are possible. The power of plants to provide energetic support to the human mind and spirit is typically cast as ‘woo woo’ and eye-rolling – for if it is not physically observable by human eyes, then how can it be ‘real’? There are an abundance of examples that highlight the shift in the collective’s understanding when science was able to make phenomenon observable to the human eye.

The energy that emanates from a plant’s flower has a frequency that can ‘connect’ with the human’s internal microbiome in addition to the human’s ‘subtle bodies’ (see image below). This ‘connection’ can help ‘tune’ the human’s vibration so that it is more able to resonate at a vibration that supports balance within the human being. While this topic requires more explanation to better illuminate how it works, We introduce it here to remind you that there is more than meets the human eye in the world of plant medicine.

Subtle bodies depicted – obtained from

There are a suite of plant remedies that exist to address some of the most pervasive pharmaceutical vaccinations. These remedies do not ‘fix’ the problem, but instead work on both microbiome and subtle body levels to support one’s body in healing itself from the negative impacts it has received. Thus, the timeframe in which these tinctures ‘work’ can take months which is different than what we typically expect from an allopathic remedy. Most pharmaceuticals do not address the root cause of the body, mind, spirit imbalance and, rather, treat the physical symptoms of an underlying problem. This encourages us to believe that it has ‘fixed’ our problem, but unfortunately, it typically only hides the problem. Plants offer the very best medicine for the human body as they are most able to be integrated and fully processed, thus communicating to the body in the most direct way and leaving the body when no longer needed. On the other hand, pharmaceuticals typically contain chemically-synthesized plant constituents that do not fully communicate with the human body and cannot be fully utilized nor processed and typically are harder to break down and be expelled from the body. There are important, life-preserving advantages to many drugs that have been developed – and still, addressing the root cause of a physical problem with plant medicine is always encouraged. 

It is in every individual’s best interest to learn more about their unique constitution as this paves the way to empowered self care. Allow yourself to be curious about your specific needs and how they might change depending on the seasons, where you live, and how you are feeling. There’s a whole expansive world out there that is pulsing and vibrating and we are interacting with it whether or not we can observe it. The gifts that Mother Earth offers every living organism are continually evolving as the needs of every living organism evolve. When we become curious about the way in which we can symbiotically partner with Mother Earth, we will find that there are solutions to every question that involves her resources. She is a living being and can only thrive when she is treated with respect. Ask her what you can do for her to support her thriving and share your gratitude for the many resources she provides you every day to support your thriving. 

Every individual is connected to all living things on this planet even if your eyes cannot see it. It is through this connection that symbiotic coevolution occurs between animals and plants and why the plant world is able to continually offer solutions to the problems humans create.

To your aligned vitality,


*Note: Phloem is the vascular tissue within most plants that transports carbon, water, and other products of photosynthesis from the source tissues (typically leaves) to the sink regions (typically the roots) where they are utilized or stored. Recent studies are also documenting phloem’s role in transporting proteins and RNAs that act as signaling molecules within and between plants.