Installment 9: Choose Your Stream

As we navigate the choices in our life, it is important to reflect on ‘why’ we are making the choices we are making. When you can honestly answer the ‘why’ and know in your heart that this choice is in your best interest, then you are choosing the next best step for yourself. 

There is a daily practice that can support you in choosing your next best steps which involves envisioning your day and identifying the ‘needs’ versus the ‘desires’. Determine what ‘needs’ are indeed necessary and select at least one ‘desire’ that you will also prioritize to occur in the day. Then allow yourself to move through your day and pay attention to the ways in which your needs and desires were addressed. At the end of the day, reflect on the gifts of your day and determine if there are any opportunities to improve upon your next day. This is a simple process that can help you consciously identify ways to create desired outcomes in your day.

There are an inordinate number of ways to experience each day – both by the things we choose to do in our day in addition to the way in which we approach our choices. Many people choose a routine that involves prioritizing work and fitting in other experiences around the work day. While one’s work is important, the goal is for work to be a choice that supports the individual in feeling valued, worthy, and purposeful – such that every individual is prioritizing this way of being for the majority of their day. When one’s work does not support these feelings, then the individual is spending an unbalanced amount of time not filling one’s cup – and earns the term of doing the ‘daily grind’ as repeatedly not filling one’s cup does wear one down. While it feels like you can’t just magically choose different circumstances from one day to the next, you can begin prioritizing the way you feel and this will help lead you to choices that get you where you want to be. There are many systematic injustices that make it easier or harder for individuals to navigate their most desired choices and there are many circumstances that make it easier or harder to change one’s circumstances. And still, there is a path for each individual that offers their most desired experiences when the individual listens to their heart. There are fewer obstacles and fewer reasons to forcefully push yourself when the heart is guiding your choices – instead, inspired opportunities and patience in the unfolding are a more likely experience.

One of the best ways to determine if you are making the most supportive choices for yourself is to ask yourself, “Do I feel that I am making the best choices for myself at this time?” If the answer is ‘no’ then reflect on what choices could be better and how you can begin integrating or moving towards these choices in each day. It is easy for us to overlook the 1 degree shifts in our day – and yet – these 1 degree shifts maintained every day would enable the individual to create an entirely new path over the course of a year. It is important to remember that each day offers an opportunity to choose what direction you’d like to go and which star you would like to sail towards.

To your aligned vitality,