Installment 7: You’re On a Team

Taking a break from the routines you’ve created for your day can offer an opportunity to revisit how you would most like to spend your time. What would you do with your day if you had all the time you needed? What is it that calls you or enables you to lose track of time when you are fully engaged in doing it? If it is not possible to take an entire day to yourself, perhaps you could start with a lunch break or a few minutes before you go to bed to make a list of the things you enjoy doing. There are many ways to spend one’s time that might get labeled as ‘unproductive’ or ‘unnecessary’ and it is likely that the ‘necessary’ parts of the day don’t allow enough time for these ‘extra things’. There are many scenarios that make it incredibly hard to carve out time for oneself, and still, when making time for oneself is maintained as a priority, it is more likely to happen when the circumstances allow for it.

When Megan first challenged herself to meditate for 5 minutes a day for an entire month, she found she was most able to do this while sitting next to her 2 year old child while he was going to sleep at night. She felt that creating this simple meditation routine was impossible while raising young children, and at the same time, knew that this type of practice would help her be the mom she most enjoyed. A conundrum. When she let go of the need for this meditation practice to look a certain way, she was able to make it happen. We want to reiterate that there are as many ways to care for oneself as there are people – that there is no one way to help oneself quiet their mind – and that it is up to the individual to find ways that work for them within their unique life situation.

Divine guidance is available to those who desire support with their life’s journey. There are an abundance of resources and practices that can facilitate one’s ability to tap this guidance, some of which have been communicated in previous blog posts here (ie, being curious about your guides, practicing meditation / quieting one’s mind, etc.). We want to highlight Megan’s experience here as well – as she could tell you that not all intangible guidance is good. When she first started meditating, she began hearing guidance that she thought was her higher self. However, some of the guidance she was hearing was unkind and made her feel fearful and scared. We want to reiterate that not all non-physical energies are benevolent and some would be considered malevolent. When practicing heart-listening and heart-centered thinking, it is important to be grounded and centered to ensure that guidance coming through is from one’s angelic team. To be grounded requires one to be mentally present in their body and have awareness of how they’re feeling. To be centered requires one to intentionally invite one’s person to be connected with their highest path or self – to be focused on receiving insights that support one’s well-being and that of others as well.

There is no one way to achieve groundedness or centeredness, however, here is an example of what one could say to set the stage:

“In this day, I celebrate my life, my gifts, my connection to Mother Earth, my family, my friends, and my willingness to live in alignment with my highest self. I ask to be connected with the information that best serves my highest purpose, my well-being, and the well-being of others.”

It is also important to remember that when you are feeling scared or fearful, you are more likely to attract other thoughts that reinforce these feelings. When you are feeling full of love, appreciation, and gratitude, you are more likely to attract other thoughts that reinforce these feelings. To be in alignment with one’s highest self requires continually filtering through the thoughts during one’s day and giving more energy to those that raise one’s vibration and letting those that decrease one’s vibration to float on by. Trusting the guidance that comes your way becomes a daily exercise, much like training a muscle. Discerning one’s guidance becomes easier with time as you strengthen your trust in your self, the practices you use to ensure being grounded and centered, and experience the benefits of following the guidance you receive while in this aligned state. Your angelic team will not tell you what to do, however, they will encourage you to make choices that support your next best steps. Your spiritual being is part of this angelic team and your physical self is the ‘on the ground’ teammate getting to experience your life’s journey. When you are open to acknowledging your other teammates, you will find that your journey becomes less stressful, more enjoyable, less confusing, and more magical.

As previously described in the very first installment, “The Key is Within,” it is up to you to invite your angelic team into your day as they will not force themselves onto you. They are much more able to support you when given permission. Feel free to laugh at yourself to let go of any feelings of ridiculousness as you begin to explore their presence – whatever it takes to allow yourself to get over yourself and your ego. As a general rule, everyone would be served well by letting their ego be a backseat observer and not the driver – knowing full well that it takes a bit of time to train the ego to stop attempting to drive from the backseat. When you are able to let your higher self give input on the best next steps throughout your day, you will find that you feel more at ease during the day and more observant about the gifts that are continuously coming your way. If you are looking for ideas on how best to start, we encourage you to ask your angelic team to bring them forth!

The mind can only operate within a spectrum that is informed by one’s previous experiences and observations. The heart has access to a much larger spectrum that brings new ideas and thoughts forward. In order to experience one’s full potential, the heart needs to be engaged and given permission to expand. One’s angelic team can help make this experience less bumpy, more straightforward, and more enjoyable. You are not alone on this journey and you are meant to thrive. Tell your ego to get in the back seat and rest for awhile and see what destinations come forth.

To your aligned vitality,