Installment 6: Believe in Yourself

Believing in yourself is perhaps one of the harder beliefs to stay on top of and master. Humans typically need tangible evidence to prove or disprove their beliefs and there is an increasing need for these forms of evidence to come more quickly. Without physical evidence, it is hard to continue trusting that your attempts to follow your heart are working and thus easier to fall back into ‘doing what is practical’ or ‘what others suggest you do’. It is easy to get in one’s way when you’re feeling downhearted, frustrated, and impatient – and still there are so many variables at play that are ultimately supporting you in your life.

We have been working with Megan to bring these blogs into being for more than 3 years for that is when she discovered that we were on her angelic team. We told her that we would be writing these blogs 2 years ago and she has had many of them in written form for months. Being an individual who appreciates seeing evidence come into form, she has waited longer than she would have liked to share these words with others. And still, these words come forth and are being read by you at exactly the time that they can be most helpful. Because the angelic realm does not experience time as humans do, there can be challenges from the human perspective in things not occurring when the individual thinks it should. Megan can tell you that the last 5 years of her life have been some of the most challenging she’s ever experienced as she has had to continually trust in herself without having tangible evidence that could be shared with others.

Trusting in yourself when those around you do not is more than uncomfortable – it absolutely sucks. Martha Beck highlights this very well in her book, “The Way of Integrity,” as she compares the journey of finding your true self to that of Dante’s inferno in, “The Divine Comedy.” To throw off the layers of familial, cultural, and societal imprinting and pressures to be a certain way is no walk in the park and requires the individual to confront their biggest fears. It certainly helps to have a friend or two who truly loves you for who you are and who you want to be – and sometimes, these friends do not appear until you take the leap of faith and start being who you want to be.

There are many layers to this physical life – many of which are intangible and hard to wrap one’s head around. The use of science as a tool to observe phenomenon and obtain predictable results when a consistent set of variables is present provides the human mind a trustworthy practice that enables the mind to better understand cause and effect. However, even when one is practicing integrity with their observations, there are always variables at play that cannot be controlled. For example, the global weather system and the many models that exist to forecast the movement of tides, weather fronts, precipitation, and more – these provide highly calculated estimates that are extremely helpful for planning yet the actual experience of weather can be different than calculated. The point we are trying to make is that science is a tool that can help one understand one’s tangible experience, but it is not the solution in and of itself.

When an individual is open to tapping their intuitive gifts and listening to their heart, there are more opportunities to apply science in a more meaningful way. We are choosing the word ‘meaningful’ as both the questions asked and the results observed are more likely to serve the well-being of the individual, the human population, and Mother Earth. It is an important time for the human population to ask questions that serve the well-being of all life on Earth. And we are highly encouraging these questions to come from the heart – as intellect can be short-sided when it doesn’t bring the heart along. We want to reinforce that science can only provide answers that match the intent of the observer and that the intention in and of itself needs to be heart-informed. There are many scientists that already operate in this way and still there is a need for the collective to also ask questions and have curiosity about the solutions that could best serve the planet and all of its living creatures. The answers that can help us turn the tide on some of our biggest global issues are residing within the hearts of humans and awaiting heart-inspired questions and investigations to discover them.

The process of believing in oneself is foundational to making headway on these global issues for it takes a leap of faith to honor the ideas that spring forth but might not sound like the most practical options to investigate. When these ideas are inspired from a heart-centered place, we encourage you to write them down and see if they can be given a chance. Some of the most hair-brained ideas have offered some of the most helpful solutions to issues at the time (ie sailing around the globe without fear of falling off the map, adding an extra proton to a water molecule to create hydrogen peroxide, or establishing a uniform process for creating Ford motorcars to improve quality and efficiency). When the mind is put on the back burner and the heart’s suggestions come through, it is important to honor the idea without immediately discrediting it.

The human population is entering a timeframe that would be greatly served from honoring heart-offered suggestions and ideas to try – ideas that provide inspired solutions to some of the most pernicious challenges on the planet. When the way in which we live not only honors Mother Earth but contributes to her thriving, we will find that we become more connected to ourselves and one another in addition to being healthier. Believing in oneself as you delve into the depths of your greatest fears can be a deal breaker for many in this life’s journey – however, those that stand up for their ideas and inspired solutions find what they need to break through their fears and come out on top. Life is not a cake walk, but there certainly are opportunities to have your cake and eat it, too… particularly if you are willing to believe in yourself and the inspired ideas that come from your heart.

To your aligned vitality,


Photo credit: Artwork by Aykut Aydoğdu (@aykutmaykut)