Installment 5: Reach and Create

Taking the time to take care of your self can feel like an impossible challenge as so much of the day is spoken for and many ideas surrounding self care reinforce a dedicated window of time that enables one to be by themself. While having quiet and solitude are helpful, there are many other ways to weave self care throughout one’s day that doesn’t require scheduling it in. For example, choosing organic and unprocessed foods to incorporate into every meal is a form of self care one can do every day. Drinking plenty of water, aiming for 8 hours of sleep, and paying attention to the things for which you are grateful are also things that can be embedded into your daily practices.

Making it a priority to feel one’s feelings is an important practice that can help ensure that these feelings are released and not trapped within one’s body. One’s emotions play an important role in helping an individual navigate what experiences are desired and which ones are not. When you pay more attention to your emotions, you can begin to choose what experiences you want more of and thus refine your actions to be more in alignment with your desired outcomes. It is important to remember that every human has the capacity to create desired experiences and that where one focuses their attention plays a large part.

We encourage you to embrace the idea that your are a spiritual being living a physical life and that you chose to come into physical form to not only grow, love, and experience expansion of creative thought, but to carry out a specific purpose and fulfill your Sacred Contract. Everyone’s Sacred Contract is unique to them and does not require one to lead a spiritual life. Instead, one just needs to follow their heart and allow their true self to flourish. There are many obstacles and challenges that can make this hard to do and it takes willpower to walk one’s own path. When more individuals start walking their own path, more individuals will be able to do the same and so on. The result will look like a more diversified and sustainable ecosystem of people that interact with Mother Earth in a manner that is more harmonious. A more habitable planet further supports the fertile grounds that enable each individual to follow their own path.

It is hard to wrap one’s head around the possibility that making changes in one’s own person can impact the planet, however, everything is connected and each individual contributes to the whole. The quickest way to resolve some of the planet’s most challenging issues will truly come from the cumulation of individuals’ choices. While it seems that the legal system needs to first change to enforce and ensure behavior changes, it is a much slower vehicle to turn than the billions of individual vehicles. And the quickest way to inspire behavior changes within an individual is to follow your own heart. Mother Earth can be a partner and can provide input on the best ways to interact with her. However, she needs to be treated with respect and to be asked these questions. 

There is so much guidance being created on sustainable agriculture, ways to reduce carbon emissions, how to slow climate change, and more – and very few are actually asking Mother Earth what she needs to thrive. In order to hear what she has to say, one needs to be able to hear their own heart for Mother Earth resides here as well. It is important that one can differentiate between their mind and their heart for the mind can be a real bastard and purposefully try to distract and create obstacles that make it harder to hear what one’s heart has to say. So, it takes intention and dedication to enable one’s heart to speak up.

Taking the time to develop a practice that enables you to quiet your mind is one of the best gifts you can give yourself. Embedding self care practices into your already-existent routines is an even easier way to ensure that you prioritize your well-being on a daily basis. As you begin to reap the benefits of prioritizing your well-being, you will find that it becomes easier to find the time for solitude and/or experiences that enable you to quiet your mind. You don’t need to wait until you’ve retired, your kids have left the house, or some other future scenario – you have space in each day to begin your self care practice, but it requires revisiting your present practices and looking for opportunities to bring in incremental improvements that support your body, mind, and spirit. When you are determined to prioritize the way you feel, you will find that there are ample opportunities to revisit your habits, your thoughts, and your daily routines in an effort to experience your best-feeling self.  

To your aligned vitality,