“Yesterday is history…

… tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift. That’s why we call it the present.” (unknown)

I discovered this quote while watching (of all things) Kung Fu Panda. A good reminder for me as I spend a great deal of energy thinking about the future.

Visioning, planning, planning

Ah, the anticipation of our unfolding art, flowers, gardens, studio, workshops +++ is so delicious!!! Most of the time it is excitement. Sometimes it is impatience. Regardless, I get so much joy out of turning ideas on paper into touch it, see it, feel it, smell it, hear it reality. (Turning ideas to reality is one of Steve’s fortes. I love being on the same team.) Sketches below.

Today I am celebrating the many desired mysteries that I hope will unfold in 2018 (ahh… desired mysteries sounds way better than goals 🙂 ).

2018 Unfolding Desires

  • Re-establish new garden beds and fence lines for a suite of flowering perennials, my first annual cut flower patch, and vegetables for our family
  • Obtain and erect a high tunnel through a partnership with the NRCS
  • Establish new flower beds [big ones!] in the soon-to-be-more-flowers-than-metal yard [plow, disc, rototill, cover crop] (see photo below)
  • Finalize major renovation of studio / shop so it is functional
  • Begin prototyping art projects
  • Transform (ace of) base of grain bin into flower cooler (and what to put up top?)
  • Establish water catchments wherever we can
  • Establish drip irrigation system for annual plantings in garden, determine best irrigation set-up for larger flower beds
  • Finish first official draft of our business plan (Thank you Land Connection Beginning Farmer’s class & the upcoming Monticello BootCamp!)
  • Obtain hands-on mentorship support from Alaska Stems and Harvest & Blooms flower farmers
  • Attend the Beginning Grower’s workshop (this month!!) put on by the Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers
  • Oh, yes… move our material life from Homer, AK to White Heath, IL via Janice the converted yellow school bus (where’s Mary Poppins when we need her?)
  • Visit dear friends along the AK – IL journey
  • Sell my first flower bouquet
  • Meet and connect with more central IL community members

Well… there’s a start. Almost every one of these bullets involves the support of my parents (Grammy & Pops = Love & Support that money cannot buy). Most involve the support of the W&V White Farm, LLC. And hopefully some of these bullets will involve the engagement of more friends and family… want to join in the fun?

Cheers to the present, the many gifts of your day, & the unfolding mysteries of tomorrow!

Featured blog image is of W&V White Farm ~1950. Ever-changing.

Desired Vision
Present vision for unfolding desires

4 thoughts on ““Yesterday is history…

  1. It is so fun for me to follow your vision for your family’s life in IL! How fulfilling it will be for you to accomplish (reveal) the desired mysteries. As you are ready to plant perennials this spring, remind me to send you a list of ones I am always happy to share!


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