To a Wild Rose

Dear Wild Rose,Thank you for the purposeful beauty and desirable flower essence with which you grace this World! I've been thinking of you and your cultivated counterpart, the long-stemmed rose, and how your uses have dramatically diverged. While you both spiritually symbolize the sacredness of one's soul, the cultivated rose is now used to exalt … Continue reading To a Wild Rose

Hallelujah, Be Well Tea!

Greetings, Friends! Emma Reinbold's "Just Be Acai" and my "Backyard Beauty" are excited to announce the convergence of a feel-good way to "Be"! Today we release a new offering from the gorgeous Miss Linda Shasta camper: the "Be Well Tea"! This tea will be available as a hot beverage option as well as a loose-leaf, … Continue reading Hallelujah, Be Well Tea!