Greetings, Friends –

We’re turning the page into the school year mindset, anticipating a more structured schedule, and evaluating the priorities for our time while these last remaining weeks of summer break are upon us. We are excited to be navigating a new way of schooling this semester – one that affords our family both flexibility and an inspiring curriculum.

Just last night I had an epiphany. The epiphany was that there were other options for schooling beyond the two presented to us by our local school. I was reading the superintendent overview of what the school options entailed and felt trapped – both options felt less than ideal. Then I had an insight – an inspired thought that ran through my mind – “Check out Waldorf curriculum”. This unleashed more inspired thoughts and the realization that we had additional options for schooling beyond the two I originally considered. What this train of thought delivered was the creation of a workable homeschooling scenario to try. And today I am excited about the school semester.

This is just one example of following one’s heart – of following one’s intuition – and allowing insights that pop into our mind to be considered without immediately discrediting them. It’s frustrating to me that intuitive guidance is made into a magical, untouchable experience in many movies (Luke, use the Force) – that it is something that only ‘special’ people have. Did you know that YOU have intuitive gifts?!? Intangible, inherent capabilities that help you discern and navigate your life? They might not involve light sabers or levitating… but it certainly involves discovering that there is more to you than your body and thoughts.

Thanks to podcasts and the internet, I can seek out whatever information I desire. I recently came across Oprah Winfrey’s Super Soul Conversations and was delighted to find an exchange with Deepak Chopra. He reinforced that we are spiritual beings having a human experience while on this Earth. And that when we can embrace this paradigm shift for our existence, it changes the way in which we navigate our journey.

We are given many opportunities to tap this awareness, yet if we focus on the happenings outside of us – if we allow others, the media, or Donald Trump to shape our perception of the world and of ourselves – it makes it harder to realize that we have a light within us that is trying to guide us. When we afford ourselves the gift of listening to our inner voice, our inner light, and our true desires, we are most likely to find Joy. This is also the goal of Self Care. This term, Self Care, might be an elusive idea – one that conjures up visions of eating chocolate or drinking wine (which could very well be involved). However, at the most foundational level, Self Care is observing one’s thoughts from a place where one understands that they are not their thoughts. That thoughts are something that come and go, that our thoughts do not control us if we do not let them. We have the ability to think a thought, take a step back from it, observe it, and decide if it is a thought we want to let go of or think more thoughts like it. This is also called mindfulness – the act of observing one’s thoughts and intentionally choosing thoughts that benefit our person.

Another idea that Deepak shared in the Oprah Chopra show was this: There’s no social transformation without personal transformation. This elevates the importance and power of Self Care in our culture. It reinforces that prioritizing our own well-being and thriving is POWERFUL and impacts the world around us. It is easy to look at the many injustices, the fragile systems, the frustrations with the outside world and feel paralyzed – particularly at this time. However, Michael Jackson coined it best, “If you wanna make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and make a change.” If we only knew how much power we each and individually have within us!! If we only knew that the answers that are most important for our individual lives are within us – that if we can quiet our mind and allow ourselves to trust our inner voice, that our spirit knows the next best step for us to take. And that when many are taking these next best steps and encouraging others in taking their next best steps, we can collectively create a world that supports thriving.

I wish you the best in trusting your inner voice, allowing your answers to come from within, and taking your next best steps. In celebration of the light that shines within all of us – even Donald Trump – let’s take care of it.
Cheers, Megan

P.S. This is a freaking awesome album in its entirety. Best listened to at a loud volume. Thanks, Beach Boys, for the inspired blog post title.