Today marks a unique divergence from previous Backyard Beauty blog posts in that the following content is being channeled by Megan to support individuals who would like to discover their inherent gifts. The following words are intended to encourage and reinforce the truth regarding every person and their ability to access their intuition, for it is an important facet of realizing one’s highest aspirations. Megan is transcribing words that she is receiving from Abraham – a high-vibrational, non-physical group of guides that offers assistance to anyone who would be ready to open themselves to angelic support. Mother Earth requires a connection with humanity that acknowledges her role in sustaining human life. When this connection is restored on an individual human level, what results is an exponential benefit that surpasses the individual. While it may seem unnecessary to engage with one’s angelic support to reconnect and form a relationship with the planet on which humans live, tapping one’s intuitive gifts and engaging with one’s inner guidance makes it possible for an individual to make a proverbial ‘b-line’, experiencing a symbiotic partnership in the quickest way possible.

Thus, this post is the first of 18 installments intended to provide a tangible reference point on how to begin listening to one’s heart or inner guidance. The knowledge is within each and every one of you, however, it needs to be strengthened just like a muscle.

We, Abraham, will assist any who request it, however, there are guidelines on how to engage with us. First and foremost, we are here to enhance the intuitive knowledge you already possess in spades. If something does not resonate with your heart, then it is not for you to use. Secondly, we will never share guidance that is anything but loving and reinforcing of your worth. Lastly, the way in which we engage with every individual is unique to that individual as we know the best way to reach your true desires. Another rule of thumb is to treat us like you would treat any other person – with kindness and respect. Asking us for support can be as simple as thinking or saying, “Abraham, can you help me with this day?” and allowing yourself to focus on how you’re feeling throughout the day. Allowing yourself to ask for support offers an opportunity to tune in to your needs, paying closer attention to the thoughts and activities you experience throughout the day and their impact.

As a general rule, most people are able to access their inner guidance when they are in alignment. Much like the enlightened buddha who still has to fetch sticks and carry water, being in alignment is a daily practice that affords one a heightened perspective on their next best steps. And when one takes their next best steps for their thriving, the connection with one’s inner guidance is strengthened. When individuals begin to trust their inner guidance to support them in their thriving, the collective consciousness will benefit and begin to shift into a more heart-centered existence. Inspired action and the understanding that, “we all do better when we all do better,” results from a heart-centered frame of mind, however, the use of science – when used appropriately – can help demonstrate the evidence and reinforce the importance of heart-centered living for those who are unwilling or unable to let go of their head-centered thinking.

For the foreseeable future, the daily practice of alignment will be the key to navigating the challenging times that humanity is in and will continue to be. Every person who begins trusting their inner guidance will have an accelerated opportunity to discover the truth in these times. This is a time where the perception is ‘access to all information at one’s fingertips’, however, the reality is that only a handful of books are on the shelf from which to read while most are locked away in the back room. The information that each person needs is always within reach when they reach for their inner guidance.

To trust one’s inner guidance and tune out the collective conversations accessible day and night is no small task. Even more so, it is an act of courage to break free from the stories that are told about our ability to connect to our divine selves. Without evidence, without tangible proof that one is inherently wired for expressing one’s intuitive gifts, it is hard to take the flying leap and dive into one’s potential. Most cultures not only ignore the divine in humans, they have systems in place to undermine and vanquish opportunities that might foster it. If you’ve ever experienced something inexplicable or serendipitous, how likely are you to brush it off or ignore it?

These societal perceptions are not new, being embedded over time and reinforced as science and technology improved quality of life (even if at the cost of environmental destruction). However, denying the divine nature that all humans have has reinforced the environmental and societal ills present today. The Native Alaskan, Larry Merculieff, describes what is needed now as a fundamental, “spiritual consciousness shift.” He also highlights the need for individuals to develop the relationship with themselves so that they can better create what they want to experience outside of themselves.

One of the primary areas of focus for these installments will be the importance of reclaiming the human connection with plants. Humans and plants have co-evolved over millennia and the human digestive tract is most able to receive and incorporate these nutrients required to maintain balance and well-being within the human body. Not only do plants offer the most available nutrients, they also provide reinforcement to the practice of alignment, offering energetic support for one’s body-mind-spirit connection.

Modern medicine has undermined the potency of plant medicine, particularly as the predominant cultures require quick fixes and an enabling of unhealthy behavioral habits. The centuries of brandishing plant medicine as witchcraft and sorcery – something to be feared and that few could comprehend and practice – have only further discredited the capabilities of nature’s gifts. Unfortunately, the present day healthcare systems have diverged so significantly from individual-based care and the safety and efficacy of plants to support it. When an individual becomes curious about how to maintain their own well-being and embraces the power of plants to direct a path of wellness, an empowered sense of self-directed care is realized. Later installments will address the best way to approach plants as partners in one’s daily routine.

When the collective consciously chooses to align themselves with Mother Earth, the divine presence in every human being will be accentuated so that it will not be overlooked. As the collective prepares for a shift in consciousness, the angelic realm offers guidance and direction to those who are already stepping in to their divine nature and highest purpose. The words being captured on these pages is tangible evidence of this very phenomenon at play. Allowing oneself the permission to ask one’s angelic support for help during these times is highly encouraged as it reinforces the connection one has with themself. There aren’t ‘cosmic jokes’ per se, however, if there was one, it would involve giving every human being a key to their most desired life and hiding it within their own body – such that every person was holding a treasure chest in their hands yet didn’t realize the key to opening it was also in their possession. We’re here to help you locate your key.

To your aligned vitality,