Immune System Care Package




This package has been carefully crafted to support the immune system’s ability to bring itself into balance. The Yin & Yang tea blends contain herbs that reinforce your body’s natural ability to cleanse, detox, tone, and fortify your internal organs. In addition to fortifying the immune system, the ingredients in these teas are meant to support balance to one’s overarching energy. Thus, individuals who have predominantly female energy are encouraged to drink the Yang tea in the morning and the Yin tea in the afternoon. This allows the body to flow between balancing energies throughout the day. Individuals who have predominantly male energy are encouraged to drink the Yin tea in the morning and the Yang tea in the afternoon.

When you allow your body to do its job and trust your body to do its job, it lets you know when it needs additional attention. When these requests go unnoticed, your body raises its voice. This typically appears as the first symptoms of a cold, calling your mind back to your body and requesting some additional support. The Be Well Tincture can be used at this time while you simultaneously allow yourself to slow down and rest. Taking the tincture throughout the day until symptoms subside is the perfect way to enable your mind to get in tune with your body once again.

This care package comes in a beautiful Intuit Studios hand-crafted 4x6in cedar crate.

Be Well Tincture: Extracts of Echinacea Leaf* and Black Elderberry*, Bach Rescue Remedy, and Essence of Perelandra. Preserved in 40% Grain Alcohol.

Yin Tea: Tulsi Basil*, Marshmallow Root*, Echinacea Leaf*, Black Elderberry*, Borage, Rose Petals, Nettle Leaf*, Safflower, & Bee Balm*.

Yang Tea: Nettle Leaf*, Black Elderberry*, Astralagus Root*, Echinacea Leaf*, Gingko Leaves*, Cardamom*, Cinnamon Bark, Licorice Root*, & Sassafras Root Bark. 


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