Fermentation at its Best: The Whys & Hows of Making Fermented Foods at Home


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You might not think too much about that bacteria that live in your gut, but this tiny & mighty ecosystem fulfills a number of vital functions for your physical and mental health. Join us for an overview of gut health as it relates to bacteria, learn how fermented food & beverages can promote your gut and overall health, try samples of fermented products, and leave with recipes & a kombucha mother so you can recreate these vitality-promoting products in your own home. Collaboratively presented by Dr. Ann Marty, Julie Birdwell, and Megan Murphy.

When: 7-8:30pm Thursday, September 19th

Where: Monticello Community Building – 201 N State St, Monticello IL

Cost: $10. Pre-registration is required by Tuesday, September 17th. No refunds available after the 17th.

For more information, contact backyardbeautyil@gmail.com.

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    • mmmerfy says:

      Sure, Julie – Are you able to go forward & successfully purchase 1 ticket via this website? Let me know if you have questions – Megan

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