Fields of Joy

Greetings, Friends - Happy Solstice! The Murphy-Collins team has exciting news... we are so pleased to announce the birth of our new garden - presently named, "The BFG". B is for Big and G is for Garden. F is for Friendly or other descriptors. She is a 2-acre planting in our family's pasture that frames … Continue reading Fields of Joy

Come Dance With Me

[This guest blog post brought to you by Kate Murphy Orland, Megan's younger sister] “Set an intention for your practice”- my yoga teacher, every class. Sometimes this makes me groan internally (can’t disturb the polite quiet of the class setting), but recently I’ve tried to embrace this whole intention business. My intention is typically something … Continue reading Come Dance With Me

The Learning Curve Plunge

Greetings, Friends - Last week I got to attend my first flower grower workshop through the Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers. It was awesome, extremely informative, and also overwhelming. I began the workshop feeling inspired with new ideas (for example, flower jewelry and wearable flowers / 'flower tattoos'!) and left feeling like I needed a pep … Continue reading The Learning Curve Plunge