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Greetings, Friends –

I have recently joined the Coalition of Visionary Resources (COVR) and am so grateful to have found a business community that supports the healing arts. From COVR’s website, “Visionary Resources are spiritually uplifting products and services that in some way nourish or celebrate the human spirit while making the world a better place.” Every April, COVR hosts a competition of new Visionary products and entering one’s product in this competition provides an opportunity to have one’s product selected and recognized by the one and only coalition that promotes healing arts businesses in North America. I have entered my Seasonal Immune System Support Tinctures into the Herbs, Teas, & Herbal Products category. The winners are selected both by people’s choice and COVR-member voting. I would love to share some information about my tinctures so that their aim is more widely understood and would also greatly appreciate your vote for the people’s choice award. You can check out all entries here and vote here.

Tinctures that contain plants infused in alcohol have the ability to transcend the human gut, immediately being absorbed within the bloodstream upon drinking. What makes the Seasonal Immune System Support Tinctures so potent is that the combination of herbs within each season’s collection are specifically selected to balance the needs of our body, mind, & spirit for the changing energy requirements of each season. Our bodies require different nutrients and plant energetics throughout the year and it is easiest to track these changes with the seasons. Based on the principles of Aryuveda and Chinese Medicine, these tinctures include plants that are most powerful for our bodies to recenter and balance.

While I encourage every individual to know what their specific constitution is, there is an overarching energetic influence from the Earth that impacts our constitution throughout the year. Again, this is easiest to track through the seasons. When we are able to tune in to our own constitutional needs, we are more able to discern the impacts of the Earth on our well-being. Thus, empowered self care is very much supported by knowing what one’s nutritional needs are and how these needs change in every season.

The plants that are in the Seasonal Immune System Support tinctures are almost all adaptogenic herbs, meaning that they help to balance one’s constitution whatever that constitution may be. This means that these tinctures offer support to every individual, helping to bring them back into balance. When we give our bodies the opportunity to be in balance, we can begin to feel what it feels like to be our best. Our bodies get to focus on operation and maintenance processes and thus spend less time on pulling our bodies back into balance. When we treat our bodies as an important and unique member of Team Self, it helps to give one more compassion for the way in which we treat our bodies. Treat others like you would like to be treated is the phrase we are all so familiar with, however, how many of us treat our bodies with this intention in mind? When we allow ourselves grace and the opportunity to intentionally take care of our bodies, we find that our bodies respond with gratitude and appreciation – helping us to feel more rested, more vibrant, more able, and more eager to partake in activities that bring us joy.

It is with excitement and gratitude that I will be sharing more about each plant in the Seasonal Immune System Support Tinctures so that individuals interested in trying daily herbal immune system support will better understand how these plants can provide balance to one’s body. To learn more about these adaptogenic herbs, follow my instagram account in the next few days. I will be highlighting each plant separately and celebrating the powers each one kindly offers us for healing, protection, and support.

Megan Murphy

P.S. This post’s inspired title brought to you by the phenomenal David Bowie. May you also be blessed with Sound & Vision!

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